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Inmaquip offers a complete range of security equipment ranging from conventional X-ray equipment to detection of weapons of mass destruction equipment. We have both TSA and EASA certificates to guarantee that the applied security is the highest worldwide.

We represent the prestigious company Leidos in the Republic of Panama, the world leader in high-security equipment.

Our highly qualified and trained staff will be able to advise on all your equipment requirements.

We offer solutions for airports, ports, banks, critical infrastructure sectors, prisons, among others.

Customers such as the National Customs Authority, Tocumen Airport, Copa Airlines, China Airlines use our equipment.

Rayos X


Our range of x-ray products is the most complete on the market. From “stand-alone” equipment for backpacks and hand luggage to automated and integrable units to conveyor belt systems.

Single and double view systems. We even have equipment for the inspection of packages and palletized cargo.

We can offer remote control centers to reduce the accumulation of personnel in these times of social distancing.

Rayos X Transorte

X-ray Transport

Within our products, we have equipment for inspection from automobiles to complete containers. Integrable systems to remote control centers ideal for customs centers that inspect cargo from locations hundreds of miles away, thus avoiding mishandling of cargo.

We have smart high-flow equipment (over 150 containers per hour) that adjusts the intensity of the radiation to ensure container inspection without having to lower drivers from the cabins.

There is also mobile equipment to carry out the inspection where is necessary.

Equipos CT

CT/EDS Equipment:

With the computed tomography technology applied to the inspection, we can do a three-dimensional review of the objects, eliminating the need to remove items from the suitcases to carry out the inspection.

This streamlines the review process by reducing inspection time per passenger.

Our algorithm system automatically identifies explosives, contraband, money, liquids, etc., improving security where it is applied.

Escaneo de Personas

Full Body Scanner:

Our non-invasive millimeter wave technology is a step forward in people's inspection. It was a time were this device only detect metals.

Proview equipment not only detects metals but also plastic, ceramic or other objects.

These equipment are the most used for humans' inspection in the United States airports.

detectores de trazas

Trace Detectors:

Leidos QSB equipment is widely used in the world for the detection of drugs and explosives both in airports and in high-security facilities such as mines, nuclear plants, etc.

The only equipment without radioactive source that can be used and transported without any problem and without the need to request for authorizations, nor is necessary to have permits from government entities or from substance controllers.

With both, TSA approved fixed and portable units, we have the solution you need.

Detectores de Radiacion

Radiation Detectors:

In these times of nuclear threats, Inmaquip and Leidos offer you a solution to detect illicit trafficking in radioactive substances that could pose a threat to both people and world trade.

From portable and fixed units, we cover a wide range of equipment for any need.

Equipos Militares

Military Equipment:

As a complement to our wide range of products, we have mine detectors and biological agents detectors that currently represent a real threat to any country.

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