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Inmaquip also is in ports. In addition to providing services for the inspection of cargo and containers, we also offer port equipment maintenance to ensure that your equipment is in optimal condition.

Port cranes, distribution systems to cruise boarding bridges we are ready to serve you. 


Food Processing:

We have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of food processing equipment.

Packaging, labeling, food processing, all these equipment installations, and maintenance have the expertise of Inmaquip so that your production chain remains efficient. 



We have the best equipment to make your supply chain great.


From conveyor belts to inspection systems, we make your materials flow through our systems to have a first-world flow process.

Clothing, spare parts, machinery, footwear, no matter what you want to transport, we have the required equipment and proper maintenance working with world-class customers from parcel to palletized cargo, we advise, design, supply, install and maintain all types of equipment for managing your warehouse.




Inmaquip has qualified personnel and drones for the inspection and maintenance of transmission towers, as well as for the inspections of transmission lines and wind turbines.


We can also inspect central main power, power utility poles and lines, and communication equipment lightning towers to detecting hot spots, avoiding interruption of power service.

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