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With more than 15 years, Inmaquip has a vast experience in the supply, installation, and maintenance of airport equipment.

With a wide range of resources and suppliers, we are one of the most important airport equipment integrators in the world.

From our 7 offices worldwide we develop comprehensive solutions for all your needs.

Maintaining equipment is a priority for airports since they are very high value, so efficient maintenance guarantees a long life for them, which in some cases can be over 25 years.

Airports are our passion, that's why every day we dedicate ourselves to be better to support the growth of global aviation with an efficient and safe procedure.

Puente de Abordaje

Boarding Bridges:

Inmaquip works hand in hand with all the renowned brands in the boarding bridge market such as JBT, ThyssenKrupp, Tianda, Adelte, among others. We handle all auxiliary boarding bridge equipment such as PCAir, GPUs, drinking water equipment, and many more.

This alliance with the main manufacturers guarantees our clients that their equipment will not only be professionally maintained but will also maintain the integrity of their equipment with original parts.

Manejo de Equipos

Baggage Handling:

With more than 12 miles of belt systems installed and maintained, our experience is one of the best on the market.


From simple systems to transport suitcases from point A to point B and gravity systems to complex equipment with arrival and departure carousels, barcode reader systems, feeder trays, and fully automated systems integrated with inspection systems.

We have worked with prestigious companies in the sector such as Pteris Global, Vanderlande, Siemens, Beumer, Crisplant, Glidepath, Matec among others. This allows us unmatched versatility. Our highly trained staff can support and advise you on all your luggage movement needs.

Caibracion de Ayuda Visuales y Radio A


We know that technology is changing, so we are at the forefront of everything related to technological development.

That is why we have made an alliance with ApreZia S.A. and Canard Drones for the Latin American market, pioneers in the calibration of radio support, and visual support with drones.

This new technology is not only much cheaper than the traditional “flight check” but it is also extremely fast and with immediate reaction times.

Luces de Pista

Airfield Lighting:

We have strategic alliances in the field of runway lights to meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 14.


From conventional runway lights to solar runway lights for remote airports or as a backup for international airports Inmaquip is your best support when it comes to airport lights.



We have the docking guides of the prestigious company HONEYWELL. Safe, efficient and high-performance systems installed in large airports such as Istanbul, Madrid and Santiago.


We have special concession plans for these systems so that airports can obtain the highest technology without having to invest in capital expenses.



In many cases, it is more efficient to rebuild old equipment and extend the life of it without having to buy new equipment. Boarding bridges are highly expensive equipment with a useful life of more than 25 years if properly maintained.

This is why Inmaquip has plans to rebuild its equipment so that its investment costs remain in control.


From reconditioning structures to new finishes and new technologies, adding new features we help airports stay on top of the latest technology available.

Operacion y Mantenimiento de Infraestructura

Infrastructure Maintenance:

Inmaquip does not stop; that is why we have supported several of our clients, especially those most remote, taking care of the integral maintenance of their terminals.


This reduces your costs by preventing multiple sub-contractors from having to spend on allocation to meet few equipment.


In this way we contribute to improving the profitability of operators while maintaining the integrity of the assets in the best way.



Inmaquip has ReSPR's representation for the Latin American airport market, the only solution that sanitizes the entire air terminal without having to spray or hire personnel to manually disinfect surfaces.

Inmaquip offers airports a solution in which the ambient air naturally disinfects all surfaces it touches keeping the terminal environment free of viruses and bacteria.


This revolutionary system is not harmful to humans, plants, or animals. "ReSPR because true normality is possible".

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