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As the world Advances... we go further!!!

Celebrating 16 years along with YOU.


Inmaquip is a company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of technological equipment oriented to the market of airports, ports, security, food, and everything that requires the highest technology.

With global coverage, Inmaquip can meet your needs anywhere in the world as it has a professional, efficient, and highly motivated human capital.

We have the support from the largest companies in the sectors in which we operate, allowing us to offer you seriousness, commitment, and professionalism.

We have developed biosafety protocols to adapt to the new normal to ensure a safe environment for both our clients and our staff.

More than 15 years of expansion, development, training, and experience at your services because If the world advances... More us!!!



Created in Panama in 2005, Inmaquip is formed by 5 professionals in various engineering branches with more than 20 years of experience in airport projects.


This venture arises due to the needs of the market to hire professional companies for the installation and maintenance of airport equipment, especially in the areas of boarding bridges, luggage conveyors belts, and security equipment.


Immediately,  Inmaquip was invited to participate in projects in Latin America and later in the rest of the world.


With branches and commercial agreements in Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Spain, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates have managed to form a network of services to cover the entire planet.


Over the years we have been incorporating new business lines such as runway lights, specialized drone inspections, elevators, security, industrial maintenance, and food market

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